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Allergen Guide

Delicious and healthy street food for your mind, body and soul...

At Roosters Piri Piri we are inspired by the vibrant and delicious street food flavours found around the world, cooked with fresh ingredients and served hot. 

The heart of the menu is founded in our signature flavour Piri Piri - a southern African and Portuguese blend of herbs and spices available in 4 flavours of varying heat. There are also new Mexican, Lebanese and Tikka flavours, adding a new dimension to our menu offerings.

To give you the tastiest Roosters Piri Piri experience, all our fresh(not frozen) chickens are marinated for 24 hours. The marinades contains no preservatives, no colourants, no artificial flavours and are now free from gluten, nuts and lactose. Every chicken, meat or vegetarian dish is grilled to order and basted to your specific choice of flavour over an open flame grill. This means your food also has a reduced fat content. Fresh, grilled and healthy.*

You can have a variety of dishes on our menu with any flavour, complement it with a range of side dishes and finish off with a choice of cold and hot Fairtrade drinks. Feeling like indulging yourself? Well we have some top-notch premium cakes and Italian ice cream to round off your meal. A menu designed for you to explore new flavours, combinations and make new favourites!

Little ones are not forgotten. Our Kids Menu has tasty filling meal options for under 10s including a mini-gourmet beef burger, chicken and falafel wraps and burgers complemented by sides, drinks and finished off with a scoop of our Italian ice cream. We also serve plain and milder flavours - not so spicy for little mouths!

*The important stuff:

We only use high quality, ‘A' grade meat from approved and trustworthy suppliers, who are contractually required to meet or exceed all relevant UK and EU legislation regarding animal welfare standards. This also applies to all our other products which carry quality assured food standards for UK and the EU.

All our meat is Halal slaughtered and the animals are pre-stunned (this means that the animal is still alive, but unconscious when slaughtered and blessed by licensed Muslim slaughter men).

As mentioned above, our flavourings are now gluten, nut and lactose free. However it is advisable to exercise some caution as we have other food items that have, wheat, nuts and milk and there may be traces in our cooking environment. A small selection of restaurants do not serve this menu - please check in-store first for availability. For more Allergen information, visit here