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How much does it cost to run a Roosters Piri Piri Franchise?

We know our franchise model works. However, we also understand prospective franchisees are looking for a brand they can invest in at a fair and competitive price. The total investment varies and is dependent on a multitude of factors, such as location, rent and the size of premises. Taking all these factors into consideration, the minimum investment required is £135,000 (plus VAT).

Roosters PiriPiri actively seek long-term, lasting and durable business partnerships. As such, the initial franchise agreement covers a five-year period which is renewable every five years (subject to terms and conditions).

Financing is an important consideration for any prospective franchisee. We suggest our partners have around 70% of the total capital requirements available in cash or sufficient collateral. It is quintessential that you are credit worthy with a strong credit history to meet our stringent criteria.

We charge both Management and Service fees and these are both based on net sales exclusive of VAT. Five percent of these fees are paid directly to Roosters Piri Piri. Roosters Piri Piri utilises two percent of these fees to help bolster local/national advertising campaigns. However, our flexible approach to franchising means some partners may decide to increase the marketing fee to meet local advertising needs.

Lastly, our building and materials package is carefully streamlined to prevent wastage and unnecessary expenditure. All sites are subject to a full structural survey as wall as legal and local authority costs.

Please see the table below for a rough guide and break down of our investment fees. This table is exclusively for franchise operations in the United Kingdom. If you are interested in setting up a franchise abroad, please contact us for a bespoke brochure detailing the investment guidelines and opportunities in your region.


Investment in Lower Investment Medium Investment Large Investment
Franchise Fee £10,000 £10,000 £10,000
Deposit £30,000 £30,000 £30,000
Materials & Fittings from £135,000 Plus VAT from £185,000 Plus VAT from £235,000 Plus VAT
Approx seating /size capacity 0-10 Seats / 800-1000sq ft 10-30 Seats / 1000-1500sq ft 30+ Seats / 1500+sq ft
Management and Service Fees 3% of Total Sales (Net) 3% of Total Sales (Net) 3% of Total Sales (Net)
National Marketing and Advertising 2% of Total Sales (Net) 2% of Total Sales (Net) 2% of Total Sales (Net)
Rent & Running costs Dependent on location Dependent on location Dependent on location
Insurance Dependent on location Dependent on location Dependent on location