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Heartwarming Flavours

Our development chefs have been on a culinary journey around the world, to bring you a wide range of ingredients, seasoning and flavours from across the seven seas...


Over the decades, we have continued to scour the globe. Inspired by the tastes of the deep south and Latin America, our team worked up a vibrant Mexican sauce and smokey BBQ flavour.

We started our search in Portugal with the Chilli Pepper, which we crafted and developed into our signature Piri-Piri sauce. Moving east along the old trading routes, we stopped off in the Middle East. Inspired by the sights, sounds and flavours, we blended sumaq and a number of other herbs and spices to create our delicate Lebanese flavouring.


We serve a variety of delicious meat and vegetarian dishes. From lunch to dinner, we have you covered.


Sandwiches with hot fillings (buns, wraps and pittas), to mains served with complementary sides including crunchy fries, spicy rice and much more. We have healthy mains salads, indulgent desserts and platters for sharing with friends and family.


Crucially in this time, we also deliver straight to your home or workplace.

Food of course, is not about just flavours, it’s about cooking methods, skill and refinement. 

We have developed our own cooking process to enhance our dishes, using a combination of marination (24hrs), steam-cooking and grilling. And we only cook and serve with fresh ingredients, locally sourced where possible.

All our flavours are made with no artificial preservatives, flavouring or colours. You can view our allergen information here.


Roosters Piri Piri poultry and meats are halal, sourced in the UK and EU.


Our chicken is delivered fresh (never frozen) and we continually monitor our suppliers to ensure our customers are served the very best.

We can't wait to have you in our restaurants, but for now you can enjoy our delicious menu safe at home.

Find a Roosters Piri Piri near you now!

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