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A little about us...

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Roosters Piri Piri was established almost a decade ago and is primarily the brainchild of Khalid Mirza. Khalid passionately believes in healthy, affordable food that stays true to the traditional, authentic flavours of his youth.


We’ve built up a sweat perfecting our Piri Piri flavourings and now we’ve embarked on a culinary mission to bring our street food to the world. Inspired by authentic sub-continental recipes handed down by generations of seasoned cooks, we have crafted a menu full of delicious, vibrant flavours.

By its very nature, street food is healthy and served using the freshest possible ingredients. Our team have used up their calories to find the highest quality produce to ensure our dishes are low in fats and sugars, making our food a perfect companion to a nutritional diet.


Ten years ago, Khalid’s culinary mission took its first tentative steps. A decade later, Roosters Piri Piri continues to stay loyal to its ethos, delivering the highest quality dishes to the widest possible audience, while staying true to the authentic family recipes that made it all possible.

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